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Go to the A-Z Database List and select L to sort by title. 
Select Learning Express Complete Library/PrepSTEP Academic.
If you are off campus, you will be asked to log in using your BraveWeb/Canvas username and password.
SSO Application Login
LearningExpress Complete/PrepSTEP Academic will open.
Click Sign In/Register and sign in or register with your UNCP Google Account. You must complete this step to access the practice exams. Signing in allows you to start a practice test, leave it and return later to that test. If you do not sign in at this point you will be required to later before the test can be accessed.
Click Career Preparation.
Scroll down the list and click Prepare for Teaching Exams.
Scroll down and select the Teaching exam you wish to prepare for.
The test will open.
You can complete the test and score it or return to it later.
If you click Finish Later, you can save the test or close without saving.