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New Books & eBooks

Livermore Library strives to provide our campus community with the up-to-date books and eBooks covering the subjects and programs that UNCP offers as well as relevant social issues and popular fiction. This page offers a curated selection of recent library purchases, conveniently linked into our library catalog so browsing and borrowing these items is quick and easy. 

Our new books selection will be updated once a semester. If you do not see what you are looking for or have suggestions please submit a Suggest a Purchase form today!

­čí║Explore New Physical Books

Recommended Physical Books

A woman look at a lighted screen with a glowing brain hovering over it
Image of a fire with a skull in the flames
Image of colorful lines formed into a pencil
Drawing of birds and flora around three connected circles
Sequenced codes
A close up view of a bee
Painting of a mountain with areas labled
Liberty scales on a blue background
Colorful painting of designs
Animated drawing of a window with flames coming out or it
­čí║Explore New eBooks

Recommended eBooks

Black scribble spot
Drawing of a black woman with her eyes closed with the sun at her back
Capsule with pink hearts and red liquid in it
Hands with a dead black rose wrapped around them and a black lace sleeve
Close up photo of a woman's face
A man talking to a group of people sitting down
Title in green and blue on a white background
A translucent key with a house in the woods behind it
An xray of an eye
The capital building