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I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
it was amazing
Malala has a lovely narrative voice and her story is engaging, confronting and endearing. Even if you are familiar with Malala Yousafzai and her story, it is important to hear this story from her perspective.

Livermore Library strives to provide our campus community with the up-to-date books and eBooks covering the subjects and programs that UNCP offers as well as relevant social issues and popular fiction. This page offers a curated selection of recent library purchases, conveniently linked into our library catalog so browsing and borrowing these items is quick and easy. 

Our new books selection will be updated once a semester. If you do not see what you are looking for or have suggestions please submit a Suggest a Purchase form today!

Recommended Books

Bold Words
footprint in snow
text in boxes
flowers and bee
woman on cover
City with birds flying around a tower.
Man with his hand resting on his forehead.
Yellow Moon with floating flowers and woman in the sky
Circle on a red backgroud
Title in Red and Blue bold letters with a crowd of women in arms with U.S. flags
Title in a white circle on a green background
Title in bold red, yellow, white, and green bold letters
Snake slithering through the title
Title in boxes with a woman behind them on a red background
Image of a person with red stripes across the cover and title in bold blue letters
Stewardess lined up in front of an airplane
Top view of colorful chairs in a circle
Title in bold orange and pink letters on a black cover

Recommended eBooks

two babies resting holding hands
Indigenous American
girl with flowers on her face



Images of Natives and title in the image of the United States
Photo of Michelle Obama on cover
Broken wooden face/head on an orange background
Image of five books on the cover
Title in a box with blue and greenish abstract colors on cover
Native American in full regalia
Photos of five Native American women
View of marshes with lake or river
A wrap make with feathers a circular symbol of yellow and red
A Tlingit woman and a baby in a boat
View of an empty classroom
Image of two people facing one another
Title on orange cover
Title in circle on purple background with bright circles
Face of a white fox on a black background with title in white letters
Title in bold yellow letters with the image of a feather under each word
Crowds of people on the cover behind a box that contains the title
A brown and black circular symbol in the center of the cover beneath the title
Title in bold white letters with faded photos of people behind the title