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Books Available in the Library & Online


This guide will support students in the Mathematics Education Program by providing access points into the library's resources that address instruction, education, pedagogy, leadership, and affiliated subject areas. Many resources are available by searching the library catalog or filtering the A-Z Database list; however, this guide will offer students resources to enable them to be more selective as they continue through this program.

Physical books can be located in the reference collection on the first floor or within the call number ranges provided here. Our subject guides will also offer assistance in locating books and eBooks. Journals and articles can be located with our recommended databases or by filtering for subject and type on our A-Z Database list, as well as searching Google Scholar.  Lastly, students will find citation and research help for assignments and projects. 

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Useful Resources

Some of the best resources to begin gathering ideas on your topic include reference books which can be found on the first floor of the library or by filtering the A-Z Database List for Reference Resources. You can search the stacks using our suggested call numbers ranges located on the left of this page, or search our library catalog above. We also have several resources created to help you locate books and eBooks that you can access below. 

Official Subject Headings

To effectively search of books in our library catalog, we encourage you to make use of the following official Subject Headings. This may be done in Advanced Search by changing the search field from "Any Field" to "Subject" and entering any of the following Subject Headings to the search bar. 

Mathematics - Study and Teaching (Secondary) 
Mathematics - Study and Teaching (Middle School) 
Mathematics - Study and Teaching (Elementary) 
Mathematics - Study and Teaching (Preschool) 
Mathematics Teachers 
Mathematics - History 
Algebra - Study and Teaching 
Calculus - Study and Teaching 
Fractions - Study and Teaching 
Geometry - Study and Teaching 
Multiplication - Study and Teaching 

Academic articles will not be freely available through a web search. If you find these items doing a web search you will be asked to pay to access them. The library’s web page provides the access point for these academic sources. Primo, the library’s catalog, provides access to articles available in the library; however, the cornerstone of most academic research is peer reviewed (scholarly) journal articles and these may be found more readily through subject specific databases. The databases in the A-Z Database list are listed by title and can be filtered by subject, type, and vender. 

A-Z Databases

Primo, the library’s catalog, also enables access to entire journals, which can then be searched internally. At the top of the Primo homepage, there is the option to search by journal and you can filter by subject or search the jounrnal title direction. Some suggested Journals include:

  • Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (NCTM) 
  • Mathematics Teacher (NCTM) 
  • Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School (NCTM) 
  • Teaching Children Mathematics (NCTM) 
  • Journal of the American Mathematical Society 
  • Journal of Statistics Education 
  • Math Horizons (MAA) 
  • Mathematics Magazine (MAA) 
  • The American Mathematical Monthly (MAA) 

The following is a list of other databases that may be consulted for finding journal articles on Social Studies Education topics. Some databases are specific to Social Studies Education, and some are general in nature, meaning they index articles across many subjects and disciplines.

Online Video Resources

  • Annenberg Learner

    Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

  • The Teaching Channel

    Teaching Channel is a video showcase -- on the Internet and TV -- of innovative and effective teaching practices in America's schools.

  • PBS Learning Media

    Educational resources featuring PBS programming

  • Accessible Television Portal

    Free, video-on-demand children’s television programming for students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing.

Library Video Databases 

The following is a list of useful online resources for Mathematics Education. While much of the information from these websites is considered legitimate for academic purposes, the content should be thoroughly evaluated by the reader to detect inaccuracies, irrelevance, currency, and bias

UNCP Resources

Google Scholar can be searched to finding scholarly article citations through Google. Use keywords as you would in any other article database. When available, article citations can be linked to the full-text record in the library's collections as long as the user is on campus.

Google Scholar Search

Box 1:  Mass & Measurement

Box 2:  Liquid Measurement

Box 3:  Counting

Box 4:  Decimal & Degree Rings

Box 5:  Multiple Representation Dice

Box 6: Algeblocks

Box 7:  Algebra Tiles

Box 8:  Economy Science

Box 9:  Weights

Box 10:  Mini Number Balance

Box 11:  Geoboards

These are links to a few sites that will help you format citations for the APA style. Most of the electronic resources you use will have an easy link to show you what the citation will look like in an APA format. But always remember, the instructor is the last word on the correct format for the citation.

Citation Guides: APA

Additional Resources

Purdue Online Writing Lab:

Citation Guides: AMS (American Mathematical Society

Research Help

The Mary Livermore Library offers many services and resources to assist the students of UNCP. We hope you use this guide to familiarize yourself with the research process and how the library can support you as you are looking for information without our resources. This guide will: 

  • Help you get started researching and point you to library resources and how to use them
  • Offer information about the research process
  • Explain information literacy
  • Introduce the library's general education and graduate research courses.