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Navigating the Cochrane Library, image of laptop, video title card How to Use MeSH in the Cochrane Library, Cochrane Logo Searching the Cochrane Library; image of laptop; video title card

Navigating the Cochrane Library

(Traditional Chinese, Portuguese and Italian captions) Video Links Out

How to Use MeSH in the Cochrane Library

(Captions available in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian) Video Links Out

Searching the Cochrane Library

(Captions available in Portuguese and Traditional Chinese) Video Links Out


Getting the most out of the Cochrane Library

  1. Discover the complete Cochrane Library in Spanish (View, search, and discover content in Spanish by selecting the ‘Español’ option from the dropdown menu at the top of the homepage.)
  2. Search and read in your preferred language (The language filter on the search results page enables you to view Cochrane. Reviews that have abstracts, summaries or other sections translated into one of 16 languages, including French and Portuguese, Chinese.)
  3. Find Cochrane Clinical Answers (Use the basic search to discover Cochrane Clinical Answers related to any search topic.)
  4. Share a search (Send a link to another user to let them run and view results of your search. Users who receive your search can send a shared link back adding their own comments and edits, or save the search.)
  5. Easy access to commenting (Submit and view comments on Cochrane Reviews, Protocols, and Editorials.)
  6. See the latest Cochrane Reviews at a glance (Use the ‘Highlighted Reviews’ section and the ‘View Current Issue’ link for a quick overview of new and updated Cochrane Reviews.)
  7. Easily navigate across the whole collection in the Cochrane Library (Use the search results display to view relevant records across the complete Cochrane Library, including Cochrane Reviews and Protocols, Trials, Editorials, Special Collections, Cochrane Clinical Answers, and references to other systematic reviews through Epistemonikos.)
  8. Staying up to date: Add in content alerts, topic alerts, search alerts (You can easily subscribe to content and topic email alerts that automatically notify you when new reviews or updates matching your search are added to the Cochrane Library.)
  9. Additional resources at your fingertips (Related content, such as editorials and podcasts, are flagged in the right-hand navigation panel with a prominent drop-down link and a number in brackets denoting the number of related items.)

~Content taken from the Cochrane Library User Guide