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Library FAQs

Do you have vending machines?

  • Yes, drink and snack machines are on the 2nd floor located near the computer lab.

Are there any other regular exits from the library?

  • No. Please use the main entrance. All other exits are for emergencies only.

I need help writing a paper. Where do I go?

  • The library can assist you during the research portion of your assignments and you can get additional help on our Research Help page. Contact the Writing Center for assistance in composing your paper.

Can someone in the Library proofread my paper?

  • No, the library will only help with research or citations. However, the Writing Center has a drop off service. See their website.

Are there tutors in the library?

  • The Library does not arrange tutoring for students, but tutors may meet in the library.

How do I book/reserve a study room?

  • Use the panel in front of each room to enter your initials and the time you want to reserve the room for.

Can I reserve a study room in advance?

  • You may book a study room for use only within that current day.

How long can I book a study room for?

  • You can book a study room for 3 hours.

Do you have study rooms for individual students?

  • Study rooms are for groups. Individuals may use a room, but if a group needs a room the individual will be asked to leave. Study carrels are located on the second floor for individual use.

If a person is in a room, but not signed in to that room, can I sign in and get the room?

  • Yes. Students log in to the room using their initials. If a person is not signed in, the room is considered vacant.

The study room next to me is too loud. What can I do?

  • Notify the Patron Services Desk or the Reference Desk.

Can I smoke or vape in the library?

  • No. Smoking and vaping are not allowed in academic buildings.

Does the Library have a quiet study area?

  • All study areas upstairs are designated quiet areas. 

Does the Library proctor tests?

  • No. UNCP uses Examity as it online proctor service. Information about Examity and other proctoring information can be found on the Proctoring Services webpage.

Can I reserve a white board?

  • White boards are available on a first come first serve basis.

Can I reserve a huddle space (group table with screen) on the first floor?

  • No. They are available on a first come first serve basis.