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EXPH 3400

Sports/Exercise Psychology

Books Not Available

The Right Way to Coach (Coughlin, 2013)

The Talent Code (Coyle, 2009)

Lombardi: Winning is the Only Thing (Kramer, 1976)

Mind Gym (Mack, 2001)

Mind Body Mastery (Millman, 1999)

Achievement Zone (Murphy, 1996)

Raising a Good Sport in an In-Your Face World (Selleck, 2002)

Thinking Body, Dancing Mind (Huang & Lynch, 1992)

Zen Gold: Mastering the Mental Game (Parent, 2002)

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect (Rotella, 1995)

Think Like a Tiger (Adrisani, 2002)

Michael Anthony's Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf (Anthony, 2001)

Coping With Sports Injuries (Crossman, 2001)

Think Like a Champion (Devenzio, 2002)

Why Johnny Hates Sports (Engh, 2000)

Championship Team Building (Janssen. 2002)

The Seven Secrets of Effective Coaches (Janssen & Dale, 2002)

What Makes Winners Win (Jones, 1999)

On the Sweet Spot: Stalking the Effortless Present (Keefe, 2003)

Counseling Athletes: Applying Reversal Theory (Kerr, 2001)

Psychology of Coaching Teams: A Self-Help Guide (Leith, 2003)

Sports Hypnosis (Liggett, 2000)

The New Toughness Training for Sports (Loehr, 2003)

Teambuilding: The Road to Success (Michaels, 2002)

Way To Go Coach (Smith and Small, 2002)

The Obstacle is the Way (Holiday, 2014)

Grit (Duckworth, 2016)

The Champion's Mind (Afremow, 2013)

The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork (Maxwell, 2001)



The above books can be requested from other libraries using Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Reading List

Below is the reading list for Miller's EXPH 3400 class.  Some titles will be available in the Library. Please check PRIMO for the status of the title.

Suggested Reading