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Ally | A term used to describe someone who is actively supportive of LGBTQ people. It encompasses straight and cisgender allies, as well as those within the LGBTQ community who support each other (e.g., a lesbian who is an ally to the bisexual community).

Bisexual | A person emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to more than one sex, gender or gender identity though not necessarily simultaneously, in the same way or to the same degree. Sometimes used interchangeably with pansexual.

Gay | A person who is emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to members of the same gender. Men, women and non-binary people may use this term to describe themselves.

Gender expression | External appearance of one's gender identity, usually expressed through behavior, clothing, body characteristics or voice, and which may or may not conform to socially defined behaviors and characteristics typically associated with being either masculine or feminine.

Homophobia | The fear and hatred of or discomfort with people who are attracted to members of the same sex.

Lesbian | A woman who is emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to other women. Women and non-binary people may use this term to describe themselves.

Non-binary | An adjective describing a person who does not identify exclusively as a man or a woman. Non-binary people may identify as being both a man and a woman, somewhere in between, or as falling completely outside these categories.

Queer | A term people often use to express a spectrum of identities and orientations that are counter to the mainstream. Queer is often used as a catch-all to include many people, including those who do not identify as exclusively straight and/or folks who have non-binary or gender-expansive identities. 

Transgender | An umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or expression is different from cultural expectations based on the sex they were assigned at birth. Being transgender does not imply any specific sexual orientation. Therefore, transgender people may identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc.

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Sexual life (Sexuality) HQ 12-449
Gender Roles HQ1075-1075.5
Women. Feminism HQ 101-2030.7
Gay men. Lesbians HV 1449

Agenda: a journal about women and gender Primo | BrowZine
Description: The Agenda journal facilitates dialogue and debates between academic gender researchers, activists within the women's movement and other segments of civil society. The journal is recognized as part of African women's long-term struggle against unequal power relations. It was first published in 1987 and is now in its 20th year of publication. To date, Agenda Feminist Media has published 70 themed, quarterly journals.

GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies Primo | BrowZine
Description: Providing a much-needed forum for interdisciplinary discussion, GLQ publishes scholarship, criticism, and commentary in areas as diverse as law, science studies, religion, political science, and literary studies. Its aim is to offer queer perspectives on all issues touching on sex and sexuality. In an effort to achieve the widest possible historical, geographic, and cultural scope, GLQ particularly seeks out new research into historical periods before the twentieth century, into non-Anglophone cultures, and into the experience of those who have been marginalized by race, ethnicity, age, social class, body morphology, or sexual practice. A notable feature is "The GLQ Archive," a special section featuring previously unpublished or unavailable primary materials that may serve as sources for future work in lesbian and gay studies.

Journal of Bisexuality Primo | BrowZine
Description: The Journal of Bisexuality is the first professional quarterly to publish both professional articles and serious essays on bisexuality and its meaning for the individual, the community, and society. The Journal is ideal for both academic and public libraries that want to offer their patrons the latest research on the topic of bisexuality. Articles are peer-reviewed and frequently come from inter- and multi- disciplinary perspectives.

Journal of Homosexuality Primo | BrowZine
Description: The  Journal of Homosexuality is an internationally acclaimed, peer-reviewed publication devoted to publishing a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship to foster a thorough understanding of the complexities, nuances, and the multifaceted aspects of sexuality and gender. The chief aim of the journal is to publish thought-provoking scholarship by researchers, community activists, and scholars who employ a range of research methodologies and who offer a variety of perspectives to continue shaping knowledge production in the arenas of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) studies and queer studies.

Journal of Lesbian Studies Primo | BrowZine
Description: The Journal of Lesbian Studies fosters new scholarship without cutting ties to grassroots activism.   It gives the lesbian experience an international and multicultural voice, presenting book reviews, poetry, letters to the editor, debates, and commentaries.

Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity Primo | BrowZine
Description: Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity®, the official publication of APA Division 44 (Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity), is a scholarly journal dedicated to the dissemination of information in the field of sexual orientation and gender diversity. It is a primary outlet for research particularly as it impacts practice, education, public policy, and social action. The journal is intended to be a forum for scholarly dialogue that explores the multifaceted aspects of sexual orientation and gender diversity. Its focus is on empirical research (both quantitative and qualitative), theoretical and conceptual articles, in-depth reviews of the research and literature, clinical case studies, book reviews, and letters to the editor.

QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking Primo | BrowZine
Description: QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking (published 3 times/yr.) brings together scholars, activists, public intellectuals, artists, and policy and culture makers to discuss, debate, and mobilize issues and initiatives that matter to the diverse lived experience, struggle, and transformation of GLBTQ peoples and communities wherever they may be. With an emphasis on worldmaking praxis, QED welcomes theory, criticism, history, policy analysis, public argument, and creative exhibition, seeking to foster intellectual and activist work through essays, commentaries, interviews, roundtable discussions, and book and event reviews.

Transgender Health Primo | BrowZine
Description: Transgender Health is the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of transgender individuals throughout their lifespan and identifying gaps in knowledge as well as priority areas where policy development and research are needed to achieve healthcare equity.

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