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OER Commons The UNC System

UNC System Hub provides access to Course Collections for several of the high-enrollment, introductory online courses from across the UNC System. "Groups" that have been created for each campus to provide UNCP faculty the opportunity to enter OER projects and curate existing OER.

Open Education North Carolina OER Commons

Open Education North Carolina is an initiative that aims to reduce the cost of higher education for North Carolina students by providing free, open e-textbooks for 30 of the most frequently-taught courses across North Carolina’s 2 and 4-year colleges and universities.


This is a list of questionable, scholarly open-access publishers. We recommend that scholars read the available reviews, assessments and descriptions provided here, and then decide for themselves whether they want to submit articles, serve as editors or on editorial boards.

Publishing Opportunities

Mary Livermore Library supports UNCP faculty scholarship in several ways:

OER Publishing & Faculty Research Presentations: Mary Livermore Library provides access to some OER publishing opportunities and allows faculty to waive Open Access publication fees through affiliated journals. The library also hosts some faculty research presentations. For more information, please contact Tori Lewis via

Wiley Opportunity


To Qualify for this opportunity:

1.IF you are accepted for publication in a Wiley Hybrid or Gold Journal…
2.THEN your Open Access Fees will be covered by Livermore Library’s participation in the Carolina Consortia
3.UP TO 735 articles within the Carolina Consortia per calendar year (Jan – Dec)
Instructions: Once you are accepted for publication, then during the process of confirming publication and author
information, you will be asked to Confirm Institutional Affiliation. At this point, Wiley will indicate that you are eligible for Open
Access at no fee. Any questions can be sent to Tori Lewis at
"Corresponding authors affiliated with participating Carolina Consortium institutions may publish open access at no charge to the author. To qualify, articles must be published in a Wiley or Hindawi fully open access journal† (submitted on or after 1 January 2024) or published open access in a hybrid journal (accepted on or after 1 January 2024)." - Wiley

Cambridge Open Access Opportunity for Faculty

To Qualify for this opportunity:

1. First: Select a qualifying journal from the subscription list.
2. Then: Proceed through the publication process
3. Finally: Opt in to the Open Access Opportunity and your Open Access Fees will be covered by Livermore Library
4. Note: Opting in will not be weighed in the publication process and can be retroactively applied to published work (any article published within the calendar year up through the following March).
Instructions: Once you are accepted for publication, you will be asked to Opt In to the OA Publication. At this point, Cambridge Open Access will indicate that you are eligible for Open Access at no fee.  Any questions can be sent to Tori Lewis at the library (

University Archival Opportunities

What is Brave Pubs?

Brave Pubs (formerly BraveDOCKS) is the University of North Carolina’s institutional repository. An institutional repository is a free, open-access digital collection that captures and preserves an academic community’s research and scholarship output and makes it accessible around the globe. Brave Pubs archives theses, dissertations, working papers, journal articles, book chapters, learning objects, presentations, and more from UNCP’s students, faculty, and staff and houses them in one easy-to-access digital location.

Why should I participate?

  • Preserve and access scholarly work
  • Increase the visibility and prestige of UNCP
  • Build intellectual credibility
  • Provide access to scholarly works

Have more questions? Please contact for any questions about submitting materials or about the copyright of materials.

Campus Scholarship: A Bibliography highlights the scholarship, service, honors, and grant work of UNCP faculty and staff from the most recent academic year. If you would like to be included in Campus Scholarship: A Bibliography, please submit the appropriate form below. Current and previous editions of this publication can be found on the Research Services page. For more information, please contact Robert Arndt via

To view our current and previous editions of our Campus Scholarship: A Bibliography publication visit our Research Services page.