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Livermore Library, Spaces & Technology, Network


Mary Livermore Library seeks to incorporate technology and electronic resources in the services that are offered at UNCP. As part of this goal, the library offers access to a computer lab and public computers, a technology classroom for library instruction support, as well as printing/ copying services. 

Livermore Library houses a computer lab on the second floor including a Wepa Printer. These computers are primarily for students. The library has two (2) public access computers located on the first floor.

Wifi Access:

Faculty, staff and students can use BraveWifi and eduroam to connect to the Internet.  Eduroam provides universal network access across educational institutions that subscribe to the service.

Visitors to UNCP can access the wireless network by creating a guest wireless account form. The account is valid for 24 hours. Person visiting the library for longer periods will need request a new account each day.

Click here for more information about the guest account and setup information.

UNCP has partnered with Wepa to bring an innovative print solution to campus!  Braves Print is available for student use at these locations.

Livermore Library:

  • 1st Floor, near Research Services
  • 2nd Floor, Computer Lab 232 (Braves Print equipped with scanner)

User Guides
  1. Printing with Wepa
  2. Wepa Express (touchless printing)
  3. Using a Wepa Scanner    

Technical Support

Wepa provides technical support via phone, email or chat.  Their operating hours are Monday - Friday, 7am - 7pm, EST. If outside of operating hours, leave a voicemail or email to be contacted at the next available time. Visit Wepa's technical support page.

About Wepa

Wepa (Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere) is a wireless printing service that allows students to print documents at a Wepa kiosk from the web, USB drive, smartphone or any computer.  

Student printing will continue to be supported by existing student E & T fees.  Each student will be provided a print allowance of $10 per semester; Fall, Spring and Summer.  The print dollars will be loaded on students’ Wepa account. Students will be able to view their declining balance on the print station and Print dollars rollover each semester and reset each academic year with the start of the Fall Semester. Once those funds are exhausted, students can add additional funds to their Wepa account.  For additional information about printing on campus, visit the Wepa FAQ's.

Printing Cost  

$0.08 per black & white page
$0.15 per duplex black & white page
$0.25 per color page
$0.40 per duplex color page

Printing for Public Patrons

Non-university users, including library patrons and general members of the public, may use the Wepa printing stations located across campus. To do so, you will first need to create a Wepa account. Instructions on how to use the kiosks can be found here.

Livermore Library Study Rooms:

Livermore Library Study Rooms are located on the second floor. Larger group study rooms (Rm 239/ 240A-H) are located across the hall from the Computer Lab and the smaller study rooms (Rm 241-244A) are located to the left of the main stairwell. Reservations take priority over walk-in use. Walk-ins can book a study room using Instant Booking if no active reservation is listed for the selected study room. All study rooms, except Rm 239, are available for reservation.  

All UNCP students and employees can use these rooms. 

Study room policies and information are listed as follows: 

  • Reservations must be made at the study room panels; they cannot be made anywhere else.  

  • If you are the only individual using the study room and a study group needs a room, the room is forfeited to the group as study rooms are made for groups of 2 or more individuals.  

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please see the Patron Services desk downstairs. 

  • Study rooms can be listed for up to 3 hours maximum. At the end of patron's reservation, patron can extend the reservation if room has availability.

  • Study rooms have white boards, and dry erase markers and erasers can be checked out at the Patron Service Desk.

  • Study rooms can be booked in-person 6 days in advance.  

Please contact the Patron Service Desk at 910.521.6516 if you have any questions about Study Rooms in Livermore Library. 

Study Room Reservation Instructions

Please follow these instructions to reserve your study room:

  • Walk up to the study room you wish to reserve and tap to activate the panel in front.  
  • Select the “Book in Advance” button -Days and times will then show up on the panel. Choose the time by scrolling and select the start and end time. A study room can be reserved for 3 hours maximum. 
  •  Choose the date by selecting the arrows beside the date to change it.  
  • Type your name to reserve your spot. A name is required, or reservation will become forfeit. 
  • The reservations can be seen on the panel in front of each study room OR downstairs on the TV beside the Patron Services desk.  
  • If you wish to book the study room at that moment, you can click on the time shown and type your initials or name in. It will instantly book the room.  
  • Once finished with the study room or before your reservation ends, select “End Meeting” on the outside panel when leaving the study room. 

Please note: If rooms are left empty for a period of time, the reservation will be come forfeit. Empty rooms cannot be held after the start of the reservation. 

Study Room Technology

Please follow the following instructions to connect Apple products to the Creston Monitors:

  1. Type the IP address and code on the screen in the AirMedia program they will need to download if they don't have it already.
  2. Pick the screen mirroring option on the Apple product menu 
  3. Then will need to type the 4 digit code again on the Crestron screen for it to work.

ATTENTION TO MAC USERS: Due to a recent update, Mac users are having issues with the Crestron AirMedia app while trying to display their devices in library study rooms.

Please visit the Help Desk webpage and follow these steps:

  • Click on "Crestron AirMedia download for Macs - download AirMedia app version 4.1.14" (last bulleted item in list)
  • Download app from the Creston webpage
  • Open the download to extract the app
  • Drop the app into the applications folder

Mary Livermore Library houses quiet study spaces on the second floor. All spaces on the second floor are designated quiet spaces; however, the library has designed an innovative and intentional quiet study area dedicated to individual study. This quiet study area is equipped with individual study pods, including storage space, adjustable desks, charging ports, built-in lighting, and footrests. Sound cancelling panels and white noise will help dampen sound in the area. There is also accessible seating available in this quiet study area. 

Because of the purpose of the quiet study spaces, please see the following guidelines: 

  • Conversation is discouraged in quiet study spaces. Group study and collaborative work should be moved to a study room or the first-floor study spaces.  

  • Quiet study space users should refrain from talking, playing music, or watching lectures, as these activities may disrupt others' study experiences. Staff members may remind students to adhere to this guideline.  

  • Students should take care to keep these spaces clean, especially when eating or drinking.  

  • Drinks should be limited to beverages with a closed lid to prevent spillage and to avoid damaging the charging ports and built-in lighting. 

  • Accessible seating is available in our quiet study spaces. These are reserved for anyone needing wheelchair accessible space. 

  • Students may not move the furniture in these areas.    

The quiet study spaces are located near the technology classroom, across from Rm 207, at the top of the main staircase, in the upstairs stacks, and on the mezzanine near the computer lab.  


Livermore Library circulates iPads. iPads are only available to UNCP students, faculty, and staff for check out at the Patron Services Desk.


Loan Period

7 Days


Hold Policy

This item will be held at the circulation desk for approximately 3 days after you receive an email confirmation for pick-up.


No. of Renewals

**Patrons can check-in and re-check out the iPad based on pre-existing holds and availability


Replacement Costs

Equipment Replacement Replacement Cost
iPad Replacement $299.00
Bluetooth Keyboard Case Replacement $50.00
Targus Case $30.00
Charger Block Replacement $20.00
Charger Chord  $10.00
Keyboard Charging Cord $5.00
Minimum Replacement Cost: (iPad and accessories) $359.00
Maximum Replacement Cost: (iPad and accessories) $384.00

Circulating Media Agreement: