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AIS/SOC/SWK 3880 Native Populations: Home

Native Populations in NC

This guide will assist you in locating information on Native American populations. Be aware that depending on your topic there may be limited information on Lumbees and Native Americans in North Carolina.


WorldCat is a global catalog which itemizes the collections of 71,000 libraries in over 112 countries. In the event that there are books you wish to borrow but are not part of the Mary Livermore Library's collections, you may search WorldCat to find them. When you find a book in WorldCat that you would like to borrow, record the bibliographic information about the item and request the material through the Interlibrary Loan service.

Books and eBooks

Useful Resources

ABC-CLIO eBook Collection contains the Native American studies titles listed below.  Access the titles by clicking Subject category in ABC -CLIO eBooks and then Multicultural and Gender Studies.  Click Native American Studies.

  • The ABC-Clio Companion to the Native American Rights Movement
  • American Indian Religious Traditions: An Encyclopedia
  • Creation Myths of Primitive America
  • Encyclopedia of American Indian History
  • Handbook of Native American Mythology
  • Native America Today: A Guide to Community Politics and Culture
  • Native American Sovereignty on Trial: A Handbook with Cases, Laws, and Documents

Articles concerning Native American topics can be found in databases both specific to Native Americans  such as Bibliography of Native North Americans and subject specific databases. For instance if your topic concerned Native Americans and substance abuse, you would also search databases that covered substance abuse topics (listed under Social Work database subject page). Add the phrase "native american" to your keywords.  For example, if your topic was  Native Americans and substance abuse, you could search using the keywords "Native Americans" and  substance abuse.

Remember not all databases have full text.  To locate articles that are not full text in a database, use the "Check for full-text availability" feature.

Any article that is not available in print or electronically can be requested via InterLibrary Loan.  Click Request Materials to begin this process.

The websites listed below contain information on a variety of Native American topics.

Canadian Indigenous People

These sites will provide information about the indigenous people of Canada.