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Music History: Music History


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Music History

Music history courses will focus on the development of the Western art music tradition from antiquity through the twenty-first century. Such development will be viewed in light of its political, social, and general cultural setting. Specific objectives include developing the student's ability to:

  • Write about music using clear and historically-appropriate language
  • Utilize library resources, including books, journals and online tools
  • Place the history of Western music in a cultural, historical, creative, and social context
  • Analyze and understand of the inner-workings of scores by important composers in the history of Western music
  • Critically engage and evaluate primary sources in the history of music

The resources in this guide will assist you in conducting research in music history by helping you to locate appropriate books and articles for your research. 

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Useful Resources

Some of the best resources to begin gathering ideas on your topic include reference books which can be found on the first floor of the library or by filtering the A-Z Database List for Reference Resources. You can search the stacks using our suggested call numbers ranges located on the left of this page, or search our library catalog above. We also have several resources created to help you locate books and eBooks that you can access below. 

Academic articles will not be freely available through a web search. If you find these items doing a web search you will be asked to pay to access them. The library’s web page provides the access point for these academic sources. Primo, the library’s catalog, provides access to articles available in the library; however, the cornerstone of most academic research is peer reviewed (scholarly) journal articles and these may be found more readily through subject specific databases. The databases in the A-Z Database list are listed by title and can be filtered by subject, type, and vender. 

A-Z Databases 

The following is a list of other databases that may be consulted for finding journal articles on Music History topics. Some databases are specific to Music History, and some are general in nature, meaning they index articles across many subjects and disciplines.

Search for topic by keyword in the resources below. If you are unable to locate anything on your topic, try broadening your keywords.

This bibliography contains only books that are located in the Mary Livermore Library. Most of them can be found in the General Collection, but reference books are also included. For articles on world literature, use a database under the Find Articles tab.