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ECN 2030 Principles of Macroeconomics: Home

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be searched to finding scholarly article citations through Google. Use keywords as you would in any other article database. When available, article citations can be linked to the full-text record in the library's collections as long as the user is on campus.

Google Scholar Search

Useful Resources

This purpose of this guide is to assist students conducting research in macroeconomics. You may use this guide to find a variety of resources available in the Library both in print and electronic format. Navigate the tabs above to see specific types of resources that are available.

Depending on the topic in macroeconomics you are interested in researching, you will most likely be using the Business Source Complete database for current information and articles. You have access to this and all electronic resources or databases, through the Mary Livermore Library website and is accessible at any internet computer in the world. You will be able to access newspapers, journals and other sophisticated sources free of charge via the library website.

The Internet is also a good place to get some ideas, but for reliable business research you will want to use resources provided by the Library, some of your information should originate from searching the Library's Electronic Resources.

Here are some keywords and concepts you may want to search:

  • GDP/GDP per capita    
  • Cost of unemployment   
  • Labor union
  • Unemployment
  • Economic Growth
  • Inflation
  • Cost of Living
  • Standards of Living
  • Outsourcing
  • Government Policy
  • Trading and golbalization
  • National savings
  • Government budget deficit (surplus)
  • Business savings
  • Household savings
  • Fiscal policy
  • Keynesian theory
  • Monetary policy
  • Money supply
  • Liquidity preference
  • Printing of money and its effects
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Real (nominal) interest rate
  • Federal funds rate
  • Great Depression of 1929
  • Great Recession (2007)

Country studies may be found in the Business Source Ultimate database by selecting Country Report under Publication Type. Add the name of the country in the search box. Business Market Research Collection also offers country reports and information.

The following is a list of the most widely used databases for finding articles on macroeconomics.