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HST 1140: Home


This guide will assist you in locating information for your History 1140 class (World History to 1500).

Locating HST 1140 Films

To find out information on these films, consult the Internet Movie Database:

It is your responsibility to find the movie you have chosen:  check the Livermore Library, or your local video store.  All titles can also be rented from Netflix, Blockbuster online, or purchased from

* There are several version of this film available- make sure you identify which version by indicating the year the film was released theatrically:  Cleopatra (1963 version).

The links located under HST 1140 Films to the right are items in the Livermore Library.

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Helpful Resources!

  • Agora (2009) 
  • Alexander 
  • Boudica (See Warrior Queen) 
  • Brother Sun Sister Moon 
  • Christopher Columbus: The Discovery 
  • Conqueror 
  • Greatest Story Ever Told 
  • Land of the Pharoahs (1955) 
  • Luther (2003) 
  • Mohammed: Messenger of God 
  • Queen of Babylon 
  • Quo Vadis 
  • Thirteenth Warrior 
  • The Vikings (1958)