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HST 4120 History of Sexuality: Home

History of Sexuality

The resources located in this guide will assist in finding scholarly resources on the study of the history of sexuality.

Print Reference Books

Useful Resources

Hst. 4120:   History of Sexuality

Topics List for Poster Board Presentation

These topics are derived from our respective areas of historical specialty.


 Catherine the Great’s of Russia’s Sexuality: Perception of and Reality

 Gender and Sexuality in Pre-Contact Indigenous Societies (pick a culture area)

 The Impact of Colonization on Indigenous Gender Roles and Sexualities

 Two Spirits in modern Pan-Indian culture

 Was Anne Boleyn Guilty of Adultery?

 The Stonewall Riots of 1969

 Second Wave Feminism

 Sexuality and the Queen Caroline Affair

 Witch Hunts and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe or Colonial America

 Masters and Johnson and Human Sexuality

 The Pregnancies of Queen Anne of Great Britain

 Elizabeth I and the Dialogue of Courtly Love

 The Matrimonial Career of Mary, Queen of Scots

 The Role of Courtesans in Italian

Renaissance politics

 Midwifery in Early Modern England or Colonial America

 Prostitution in Victorian Britain or the American West or GAPE America

Cross-Dressing in Shakespeare’s Comedies

 Sexuality in the works of Geoffrey Chaucer

 James I of England and His Male Favorites

 The Adultery of Queen Catherine Howard of England

 The Marquis de Sade and Literary Pornography

 The Political influence of the Mistresses of Charles II of Great Britain

 John Wilmot, earl of Rochester and Aristocratic Libertinism

 The Unconventional Marriage of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire

 Sexuality and Queenly Power in Early Modern Europe

 Marriage, Sexuality, and the Modern Civil Rights Movement 

 The History of Sexuality in Vaudeville and Burlesque

 The History of Sexual Education in American Public Schools


 The History of Abortion Legislation

 The Birth Control Pill and “Women’s Liberation” in the 1960s

 Condoms- contextualize?

Female Orgasm- contextualize?

 Pregnancy and Motherhood in the Antebellum South

 Sexuality and Disability

 Syphilis and Public Health Campaigns

 The HIV/AIDS Crisis

 Age of Consent Laws

 The History of the Modern Eugenics Movement

 The History of Compulsory Sterilization

 The Tuskegee Syphilis Study?

 The History of Boston Marriages

 Sexual Expression in the Harlem Renaissance

 Sexuality and Nineteenth-Century US Social Reform Movements

 The Sexual Revolution narrow focus here? Contextualization?

 Sex and College/University Students- narrow focus here?

 The Historical Impact of the Kinsey Report

 The 1950s Red Scare and Sexuality


Search your topic in these electronic books. Some of the items we may also have in print. Some of the items you can download and other you can email, depending on the type of resource. These resources are limited to UNCP students, faculty, and staff.

Academic articles will not be freely available through a web search. If you find these items doing a web search you will be asked to pay to access them. The library’s web page provides the access point for these academic sources. Primo, the library’s catalog, provides access to articles available in the library; however, the cornerstone of most academic research is peer reviewed (scholarly) journal articles and these may be found more readily through subject specific databases. The databases in the A-Z Database list are listed by title and can be filtered by subject, type, and vender. Use the below databases to find articles on sexuality.

Dissertations and theses maybe used in research, but consult your instructor before using. Dissertations and theses may provide citations to lead you to research articles.

Newspapers may provide opinions and stories about alternative sexualities and public opinions from various times and places.

Mary Livermore Library offers access to a vast number of physical and electronic resources. However, sometimes the library doesn't buy access to that content. Instead we can borrow most books, articles, and occasionally, videos from other libraries. Typically there is no cost associated with an ILL request. If there is a cost, you will be notified and asked if you are willing to pay that cost before the item is ordered.

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