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CHEM 3980 Scientific Literature

Here are the basics to researching scientific literature.

Science Citation Index

Science Citation Index is part of the Web of Science database family. Follow the steps below to conduct a cited reference search.

Conducting a Citation Reference Search

Begin at the Library's homepage and click on Electronic Resources.

Library Home page. Arrow pointing to Go to Mary Livermore Library Resources

Click Find A Database.

Click Find a Database

Click W under Databases by Title.

Click W

Click Web of Science.

Click Web of Science

When Web of Science opens, click  Cited Reference Search.

Click Cited Reference Search

Enter the author’s name or title of the work and select the appropriate search (Author, Cited Title, Cited Work). Your results page should look like below.

Results list. Click Article title

Click the article title to view to see the number of times the article has been cited in Web of Science and the number of citations in the article.

Click to the the number of articles citing this one and the number cited in the article

To view what subject area where the article is cited, click Analyze Results. Click the area to view citing articles.

Subject areas of citing articles. Click to view ctring articles

Click Citation Report to view greater breakdown of how the article was cited.

Table and graph of articles citing the original article.